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Helping to overcome loneliness

We can spend time with you or your loved ones to help overcome and prevent loneliness. 

This can be as simple as being there, or can include some social activities too.

According to Age UK, nearly a million older people in the UK go for more than a month without speaking to anyone!

Not only is loneliness and isolation a huge problem, it has also been associated with health issues such as depression, sleep problems, hypertension, stress and mental health problems.

We really believe that no one should feel loneliness or isolation, which is why we offer our companionship service.

Food Preparation


We will help you or your loved one to prepare meals that they not only enjoy, but that also help them to remain healthy

Our aim is to make mealtimes enjoyable and stress-free. We can help with:

  • Prepare a meal for you or your loved one 
  • Help prepare a meal, working alongside you or your friend or relative
  • Encourage eating
  • Preparing meals in line with special dietary, cultural or religious needs
  • Checking food supplies
  • Checking food expiry dates
  • Clearing away after a meal and doing the washing up

Often when food is prepared for someone, they’re more likely to eat it.

It is often very helpful for people who aren’t prioritising eating to have company at mealtimes as it makes eating more enjoyable. 

Domestic / Home-help


Home-help and domestic care services

We can help to support with cleaning, vacuuming, and laundry, shopping and running errands, daily chores and duties as well as so much more.

Our home-help and  domestic services can ease the pressure and keep you or your loved one's home looking tidy and clean. 

We can provide support with a range of chores and duties, from ad hoc tasks to day-to-day help.

We’ll help with the day-to-day tasks, leaving you to do what you enjoy.

Benefit from a range of different domestic care and housekeeping services, including:

• food and drink preparation

• food shopping

• general tidying

• washing up

• laundry and ironing

• cleaning, vacuuming, dusting and polishing

• other light household duties

This support is completely flexible to meet your or your family member’ of friend's own personal needs and preferences. 

Grocery Shopping


Sometimes older people and those with physical or mental difficulties can find planning and buying for healthy, well-balanced meals a challenge for a range of different reasons

Food planning and shopping can be a chore or just too difficult – getting to the shops may be tricky, store layouts can be difficult with shelving too high or too low and a lack of adequate rest facilities, and carrying heavy shopping home can also be a problem.

Our shopping service is designed to suit you, or your family member’s needs. We can accompany you or your friend or relative to the shops, and help do the shopping, or we can work together to create a shopping list, do the shopping either online or at the store and finally help unpack it.